15 Apr

The 20th convocation ceremony of Ambrose Alli University earlier scheduled to hold from Friday, 15th to Saturday, 23rd April, 2016 has been postponed indefinitely. A new date will be announced later.

We regret the inconveniences.

15 Apr

Tuesday, 29th September, 2015  Second Semester Examinations end. 
Tuesday, 17th November, 2015  Faculty Board of Examinations meet to consider Results 
Monday, 23rd–Tuesday, 24th November, 2015   Business Committee of Senate Meets to consider Results. 
Wednesday, 25th – Friday, 27th November, 2015  Senate Meets to consider Results. 
Sunday, 22nd November, 2015  Fresh Students come into Hall of Residence 
Monday, 23rd November, 2015  Clearance and Orientation for fresh students begin. 
Friday, 27th November, 2015  End of Orientation for fresh students. 
Sunday, 29th November, 2015  Old students come into Hall of residence 
Monday, 30th November, 2015  First Semester lectures/normal course registration begin 
Monday, 21st December, 2015  Normal course registration for students end. 
Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015  Christmas Break for all students 
Sunday, 3rd January, 2016  Old and new students come into Hall of Residence 
Monday, 4th January, 2016  Late course registration for all students end. 
Monday, 18th January, 2016  Mid-Semester Test. 
Wednesday, 20th January, 2016  MATRICULATION 
Monday, 22nd February, 2016  First Semester lectures end. 
Monday, 7th March, 2016  First Semester Examinations begin with GST Courses. 
Friday, 18th March, 2016  First Semester Examinations end. 
 B   R   E   A   K  
Sunday, 24th April, 2016  Students come into Hall of Residence. 
Monday, 25th April, 2016  Second Semester lectures begin. 
Monday, 6th June, 2016  Mid-Semester Test. 
Monday, 18th July, 2016  Second Semester lectures end. 
Monday, 25th July, 2016  Second Semester Examinations begin with GST Courses. 
Monday, 15th August, 2016  Second Semester Examinations end. 
Monday, 12th September, 2016  Faculty Board of Examiners meet to consider results. 


Wednesday, 21st September, to Friday 23rd September, 2016 - Meeting of Senate to consider Results/end of session. This is for the information and guidance of all concerned and the general public.

Chris A. Omo-Iriogbe, AMNIM, MANUPA SAR,
Information/Public Relations Officer

29 Jan


The Centre for Strategic and Development Studies is statutorily a research unit. It engages in the publication of journals; organization of public lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences on strategic planning, security and development towards the advancement of knowledge. In furtherance of its broad mandate, the Centre calls for well researched papers to be published in its journal - JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES.

01 Dec

All fresh students of Ambrose Alli University and their parents/guardians are hereby informed that the University management has graciously approved that the school fees for the 2015/2016 academic session can be paid in two installments as shown below:


Art, Social Sciences and Fine and Applied Arts  N97,750.00  N49,625.00  N48,125.00 
Economics, Public Administration, Business Administration and Banking & Finance  N111,500.00  N56,500.00  N55,000.00 
3 Natural Sciences, Agriculture and Education, physiology  N113,500.00  N57,500.00  N56,000.00 
Engineering, Natural Sciences (Microbiology and Computer Science), Architecture and Building  N124,000.00  N62,750.00  N61,250.00 
Medicine  N161,500.00  N81,500.00  N80,000.00 
Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anatomy, Nursing, Law and Accounting  N129,000.0  N65,250.00  N63,750.00 
Institute of Education  N111,500.00  N56,500.00  N55,000.00 
Concessional Fee  N10,000.00 
Acceptance Fee:
 a  Medical Students (Medicine and Surgery)  N75,000.00 
 b  Others  N60,000.00 
10  AAU Lapel/File  N800.00 
11  Matriculation Gown Fee  N2,000.00 
12  Students’ Union dues  N1,000.00 
13  AAU Student Welfare Assurance  N500.00 


*The full and first installment payments for new students are inclusive of students' union dues and AAU student welfare assurance.

All fresh students are to note that the deadline for the payment of the first installment of the school fees is 20th January, 2016.

The University management expects all fresh students, their parents/guardians to take advantage of this opportunity by promptly paying the first installment of their school fees for the 2015/2016 academic session on or before the deadline of 20th January, 2016.

Chris Adamaigbo, KSC
Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer

17 Nov

Please find below the procedures for;

  1. Request password for first-time login
  2. Update Personal Data
  3. Payment of School fees, Late-Registration etc.
  4. Course registration.
17 Nov

All regular students (both old and new) are to please note that they are to apply for their hostel accommodation online at https://aaue.waeup.org and pay their hostel accommodation fees for the 2015/2016 academic session, with effect from Wednesday 18th November, 2015 by 2 PM with their ATM debit card on Interswitch or using the eTranzact PIN purchased at the designated banks stated below:

17 Nov

Please find below the proposed calendar for 2015/2016 academic session