24 Jul

Online Payment Method/ ePortal Registration Instructions For Part-Time Degree Programme Students

For the 2012/2013 academic session.
Website: https://aaue.waeup.org

First Time login:

  1. To initialize your student account, go to: https://aaue.waeup.org/requestpw
  2. Or simply forgot your student id, application id or password? Then request a new password, go to: https://aaue.waeup.org/changepw .
  3. Ensure you provide a valid email address and follow the instructions in the mail sent to you.
  4. After login, ensure you change your password, enter your phone numbers where appropriate and proceed with your registration as laid out below.

Payment Instructions:

  1. Select Payments  from the My Data  tab at the top of the page
  2. Click on the Add Online Payment Ticket  button
  3. Under Category: Select the appropriate payment item ( i.e. : Full payment)
  4. Then click Create Ticket
  5. Click on the Payment_ID  of the ticket just created
  6. Download and print the payment slip which you are to present to the teller at the designated  bank outlet where cash payment is to be made
  7. The teller will provide you a print out with details of the payment just made including the eTranzact Payment Confirmation Order Number (PIN)
  8. Login again to https://aaue.waeup.org/login
  9. Select Payments  from My Data  tab at the top of the page
  10. Click on the Payment_ID  of the ticket you created earlier
  11. Click on Query eTranzact History  at the top of your page
  12. Enter your eTranzact Payment Confirmation Order Number (PIN) as printed on the slip provided to you at the bank.
  13. Click on Submit to eTranzact  to validate the cash payment made at the designated bank outlet earlier
  14. Download and print your payment slip for the session which you are to submit to the Bursar’s office at Emaudo Campus for collection of the University receipt.

Course Registration:

  1. After login as described above
  2. Select Study Course from the My Data  tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the Level  you are registering for (e.g. 100)
  4. Click on the  Add/Remove Courses
  5. Click on Add Course Ticket button to add courses (or Remove Selected button to remove selected courses which you might have added in error)
  6. Select the course you intend to add and click on the Add Course Ticket button
  7. Repeat (6) above until you have registered all your courses for the session
  8. Then click on the Register Course List button to submit your courses
  9. Download and print your course registration slip which you are to submit to your course adviser.

For support visit: BT/AAU ePortal Centre, Emaudo Campus or submit your enquires at: https://aaue.waeup.org/enquiries

All students are to note that the school fees is to be paid in full in one installment of N50,000.00 (Fifty thousand naira) only.

Please find below the list of departments and designated banks:

S/No. Programme Bank
1. Computer Science Fidelity Bank Plc
2. Economics
3. Political Science Ecobank Plc
4. Public Administration
5. English Zenith Bank Plc
6. Accounting
7. Business Administration Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
8. Banking and Finance
9. Geography & Regional Planning FCMB Plc
10. Criminology
11. Education UBA Plc
12. Agricultural Science
13. Social Works

Above is for your information and guidance.