12 Jul

Special Release

Decisions of Senate at its Emergency Meeting held on Tuesday, 28th May, 2019
Senate, at its Emergency meeting held on Tuesday, 28th May, 2019, deliberated exhaustively on various issues brought before it and decided as follows:

  • Staff Residency within 30 Kilometers Radius
    Senate was informed that on the recommendation of the University Management to Council, rather than the 15 kilometers radius, 30 kilometers radius has been approved by Council. University Staff are enjoined to comply with the above directive.
  • Teaching by Older Professors
    Members were informed that the University Governing Council had noted with dismay that some older Professors had formed the habit of re assigning their allocated courses to junior Academic Staff in their Departments and earn free salaries without performing their duties.
    Consequently, Senate directed that Heads of Departments should inform those concerned that the University Governing Council had decided that all professors who are in this habit should henceforth teach all their courses themselves.
  • Early payment of school fees and registration for courses
    The Vice-Chancellor drew members’ attentions to the ugly trend by students of the University, who do not pay school fees early and registration for courses. He noted that the University open the Portal, for registration of their courses from the beginning of each semester for a period allowed for the exercise and thereafter impose late registration penalty. Members noted that the University had opened the Portal after several times, closed, and graciously re-open it to enable students complete registration process. After due deliberation on the issue, Senate directed that Deans and Head of Departments should advise their students to pay their school fees early enough and register for their courses thereafter.
    The trend whereby students pay school fees without registration for their courses is not acceptable. To avoid late registration and non registration for the session, students must make it a point of duty to pay school fees and complete their registration formalities before the Mid-semester Test, failure which they may fall into extension.
  • Poor Attendance at the Emergency Meeting some Deans and HODS
    Senate frowned very seriously at the above observation as the purpose of attending Senate meetings was to make contributions that would assist the growth and progress of academic activities in the University. Absence from meeting robs Senate of the contribution of members. Senate therefore directed that the practice of absenting from meetings should stop.
  • Lukewarm attitude of Lecturers to Invigilation of Computer Based Examin
    The Vice-Chancellor drew members’ attention to the Lukewarmness of Lecturers to invigilation of the CBE. Senate noted that the invigilation of CBE was a serious business.

Consequently, Senate directed that should this attitude persist, the Lecturers concerned would be queried. Furthermore, Head of Departments were requested to hold meetings with their academic staff to deliberate on the issue.

The purpose of this memo, therefore, is to inform you of the above Senate’s decisions for your further necessary action and compliance, please.
Thank you.

Ambrose E. Odiase, MANUPA, MIPMA
Deputy Registrar (Senate)

for: Registrar

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Above is for the information of the University community.

Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer