Faculty of Physical Sciences


The philosophy and objectives of the faculty of physical sciences are the production of the scientific and technological manpower necessary for achieving the national goals of Nigeria in general, and those of Edo State in particular. To attain this, emphasis will be placed on the following objectives.

  • The inculcation in students of the fundamental principles on science
  • The application of these principles to societal problems
  • The development in students of the capacity to innovate and improvise using local resources.

It is hoped that the graduates produced will:

  • Meet the needs of the State Government and the country for the teaching of all science subjects in their various institutions of learning.
  • Fit into positions in the science and research sections of the various government ministries and parastatals and the private sector.
  • Become self-employed by setting up small-scale industries/project (commercial) as a result of the practical/applied orientation of the training programmes


The faculty at present consists of the following four departments

Inorganic, Organic, Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Science and Technology, and Natural Products Chemistry. These are two degree options in the department, viz B.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. and Industrial Chemistry.

Computer Science
General Computing, System Analysis and Design, Software Maintenance, Database Management and Design Analysis.

Mathematics and Statistics
Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Industrial Mathematics, Quality Control, Experimental Design, Stochastic Process and Probability Theory for Statistics option.

Courses leading to B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. Applied Geophysics respectively.