Institute For Governance And Development

The Institute for Governance and Development is mandated to examine the Main Theme of Governance and Development and relevant Sub-Themes arising therefrom.  It is to carry out Research, Organise Seminars, conferences and Distinguished Lecture Series and produce Publications. In accordance with its mandate, IGD is expected to promote research and information dissemination towards the enthronement and sustenance of Good Governance.  It is thus expected to contribute towards constructive societal development.

In December 2001, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor D.E. Agbonlahor, KSC, JP sent a proposal to the Ford Foundation, Lagos and New York for the establishment of an Institute for Governance and Development (IGD) at the Ambrose Alli University. In recognition of the merit of the proposal, the Ford Foundation in March, 2002 approved a grant ofUS$300,000.00 to Ambrose Alli University as support for the establishment of the Institute.  IGD is, expected to attract assistance from other International Organisations and Donor Agencies.  Its Director is Professor Friday E. Iyoha.

To foster Research and Information Dissemination towards the enthronement of Good Governance and thus engender Constructive Societal Development.

To be a credible Research Centre, an intellectual melting pot and a foremost facilitator of Good Governance and its attendant dividends of Societal Development.

The IGD would focus on the research themes below while remaining open to engaging new research themes and in participating in comparative research focusing on African and third world issues.  For the next three years the priorities would include:

  • Gender and Development.
  • Culture and Development/Governance.
  • Governance, Democracy and Democratization
  • The State and Political Power
  • The Environment and Development
  • Pluralism: Ethnicity, Identity, and the National Question
  • HIV/AIDS and National Development/Stability/Security
  • Displaced persons/refugees
  • The Military, Demilitarization
  • Constitutionalism and Democratic Politics
  • The Youth and New Leadership
  • Economic Development: Crisis, Opportunities and Potentials
  • Globalization, Structural Adjustment, Economic Reforms
  • Politics and Democracy in Edo State
  • Economic Development
  • Political Development
  • Environmental Development
  • Rural Development
  • Decentralization and Development
  • Participatory Development
  • Development Policies and Implementation
  • Population and Development

International Journal of Governance and Development - Volume 3 No. 1