Vision, Mission and Anthem

Vision Statement
“To foster the growth of knowledge for the advancement of society”.

Mission Statement
“To be a centre of excellence in teaching and research and in the total development of the individual person in tune with the socio-cultural environment and technological realities of a dynamic world.”

AAU Anthem
We have searched for a land
A place pure and true
Where knowledge is supreme
Where development springs
A surety for the State
Hope for the Nation
AAU - Centre for perfection
AAU – Place for enlightenment
AAU – Fountain for Advancement in Ekpoma

Though the road may be rough
The place gives us strength
Though weather inclement
The Vision is clear
A place for excellence
Where culture reigneth
The place is Ambrose Alli University
AAU – Centre for excellence
AAU – Place for enlightenment
AAU – Fountain of advancement in Ekpoma